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Who's Your Gynac?

 Who’s Your Gynac? No, I am not asking you who is your gynac? I am just telling you the title of one of the greatest TVF production shows. Who’s Your Gynac? is a great show that emphasizes woman empowerment and is a great try to break the taboo. The story of a young gynecologist has been shown in this series in a great way.

How a gynac has to go through and the different types of cases, that they have to deal with and their personal life, all these are shown in this series well. If you want to learn more about it, then stay tuned with me till the end. In this post, we will discuss Who’s Your Gynac?  Review, Episodes, Story, Budget, Release Date, Trailer, Casts, and Available on.

Who's Your Gynac?

Who’s Your Gynac?

Who’s Your Gynac? is a Hindi-language Medical, Drama, and comedy show that was created by The Viral Fever which is popularly known as TVF and Girliyapa. This is a 2023 show starring Saba Azad as a young gynecologist. The show is particularly based on Dr. Vidushi Kothari, who is a 28-year Obsterician-gynecologist who specializes in female reproductive health.

The story of this series is written by Anuya Jaktdar, Girish Narayandass, and Prerna Sharma. Himali Shah who has previously directed videos for Girliyapa has directed this series. The story of Vidushi, a young fresher OB gynac, who is trying to find the perfect balance for her personal and professional life has shown in a great way. The way she is handling her cases and her relationship with her best friends are adding spice to the series.

Who’s Your Gynac? Cast

Who’s Your Gynac? has a very good team of casts. The lead character of Dr. Vidushi Kothari has been portrayed beautifully by Saba Azad. She has killed it. All other supporting cast have also done a great job. Here is the list of casts of this show.

  • Saba Azad as Dr. Vidushi Kothari
  • Karishma Singh as Swara Iyer Jain
  • Kunal Thakur as Dr. Arth Dhamecha
  • Asron Arjun Koul as Mehr
  • Indira Krishnan as Dr. Seema Braganza
  • Ankit Motghare as Swapnil
  • Sangeeta Balachandran as Principal Dhurandare

Who’s Your Gynac? Release Date

The show Who’s Your Gynac? was released on 27 September 2023 on Amazon Mini TV. It is a great show to binge-watch on.

  • Who’s Your Gynac was released on 27 September 2023.

Who’s Your Gynac? Story

The story of Who’s Your Gynac? is based on a young doctor who is full of ambition and eager to treat her patients. The show revolves around Dr. Vidushi Kothari, a young 28-year-old OB gynac. She is just a fresher and has joined a clinic. She is very optimistic and has the ability to handle pregnancy cases to her full potential. She has a trio consisting of Vidushi, Swara, and Meher. The three are best friends and have a lot of fun. Vidushi has joined the clinic but still looking for some good cases. Finally, she got her first case, which was a 21-year-old girl who thought that she was pregnant.

Her second case was also kind of weird, a newly married couple visited her clinic having issues with intimacy. She has to face these kind of weird cases every day. She also has to listen to the seniors for her behavior and how she handles her cases. She met Dr. Arth who was interested in her. Her chemistry with Arth has also shown. She found out her best friend Swara was pregnant and she wanted to deliver her baby. But Swara was not okay with it as she wanted an experienced Gynac would deal with her. But at the Valaikappu (Baby Shower) of Swara, the delivery pain started and Vidushi had to be her gynac and deliver her baby.

Who’s Your Gynac? Review

Who’s Your Gynac is a great show. This has a great production. The story is also hitting the nerves. The acting was done perfectly. The emotions and the performance fit together. The lead Saba as Vidushi has done a great job. The other cast are also understood their job. The picturization is good. The story of a young gynac and how she is dealing with her patients all are shown in a comic way. The emotions and the friendship between the three Swara, Vidushi, and Meher fit into the story. The romance between Arth and Vidushi is also adding a little heat to the show. Overall it is a great to to binge-watch.

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Who’s Your Gynac? Episodes

Who’s Your Gynac? has a total of 5 episodes and the average running time of this show is around 19-26 minutes per episode.

  • Who’s Your Gynac has a total of 5 Episodes and each episode is of 19-26 minutes.

Here is the list of 5 Episodes. 

  1. Episode 1: A Pregnancy Test and A Pregnancy Case
  2. Episode 2: Gulab Jamun and A Birthday Cake
  3. Episode 3: A Chat Group and A Tea Set
  4. Episode 4: A Broken Pipe and A Dahi
  5. Episode 5: A Yellow Saree and A Doppler

Who’s Your Gynac? Trailer

The trailer has the ability to attract an audience to watch that show. The trailer of Who’s Your Gynac? has also been made for this purpose. It has that emotions and laughter that will make people fall for this show. You will get to see the trailer of Who’s Your Gynac? on YouTube or Amazon Mini TV. The Official trailer has been released on 25 September 2023.

  • The Trailer of Who’s Your Gynac was released on 25 September 2023.
Watch The Trailer of Who’s your Gynac?

Who’s Your Gynac? Budget

The official budget has not been published yet. But this is not a high-budget show. The budget of Who’s Your Gynac? is in the range of low to medium. Despite the budget, the show has a great storyline and a good cast and the production is also very good.

  • Who’s Your Gynac is a low-budget series.

Where to Watch Who’s Your Gynac?

Who’s Your Gyna is a small series consisting of 5 episodes. Each episode is less than half an hour. You can enjoy by watching the episodes on Amazon Mini TV. It is free for all. You can get it on Amazon Shopping App or even on Amazon’s official Site.

  • Who’s Your Gynac is available on Amazon Mini TV.

  Who’s Your Gynac? is a great show with fewer episodes. That is perfect for binge-watching. This show is breaking the taboo of the society about the OB gynac. This is a great comic show to watch. I hope you will enjoy watching Who’s Your Gynac?

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