Top 10 Best Indian Web Series Based on School Life in Hindi – Review Mas

Web Series based on school life

School Life comes with an immense flow of emotions. We all have experienced school life. The fun with friends, those classes, annoying teachers, lunch break, games, first crush, and pranks. School life is the best life for anyone. What if we could get those emotions now by watching some sort of stories based on school life? It would be amazing, Right? There are many series based on school life which you can watch now.

These series are full of drama and emotions so that you will get that vibe that you are in your school. I am sure after watching this series you will call your school friends and remember those moments that you all have spent together. Without further let’s discuss about Top 10 Best Indian Web Series Based on School Life in Hindi.

Web Series based on school life

10.  School Chale Hum(2022)

We all know that the memories that we all have created in school can’t be back again. But This series by Alright has shown such cool and funny incidents of school that we all miss. We can never replace those moments. We live that school life once but never understand its importance, but once we become adults we can get to know about this. To relive those moments of school life This series School Chale Hum is made. It is a 2022 series that is available on YouTube for free on the channel Alright.

This series is full of comedy and Stars Mugdha Agarwal, Abhishek Kapoor, Ranjan Raj, etc. In this series, we can get to see about the two friends who are literally the backbenchers and with the entry of a new girl how they behave and Eventually they become friends. We can also get to see the PT teacher as we all had in our school. It will refresh our memories. This series will not fail you to make laugh. Each episode is around 12-18 minutes. This is available on Jio Cinema and YouTube for free.

  • Available on: YouTube and Jio Cinema

9.  Leaked(2023)

Have you ever thought of What school kids do when they end up in a messy situation? The series Leaked, which is a 2023 series is based on rich brats who are in a messy situation about a suicide case. Leaked is a suspense, drama, Murder-thriller series. The series has some new faces like Pankhuri Gidwani, Prateek Khattar, Nitya Suchitra, etc. The IT Girl of school Rubeena was found dead, and everyone thought she just ended her life by herself because of her leaked intimate video with Za.

But nobody knows what the truth is. Her brother with his ex-girlfriend who is apparently a journalist, were trying to investigate of their own and they found out that Ruby was also in a relationship with her family friend’s son Nisarg. But what was she doing with Za if she loved Nisarg? And who is the real culprit behind it? If you want to know more then you should watch the show. This is available on Amazon Mini TV for free. Each episode is around 18-25 minutes. You will enjoy this suspense thriller show.

  • 4.8/10 IMDb Ratings
  • Available on: Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Mini TV

8.  School Friends(2023)

The time while you have passed the tenth and then just joined in the eleventh class, feels so good. The series School Friends is also based on that time period of school when Anirban and Stuti entered into the eleventh class. The series School Friends is a 2023 from-com series that is available on Amazon Mini TV for free. The story starts with a backbencher Anirban and his friend Raman.

They have decided to choose Commerce without maths, but Anivarn is obsessed with his crush Stuti, the topper. So Anirvan takes Commerce with maths. He tries hard to impress Stuti throughout the Eleventh. Her ultimate dream of Stuti was to become the head girl of the school. So What do they all do? To know more watch this series. Each episode of this series is about 12-24 minutes and there is a total of 19 episodes.

  • 6.1/10 IMDb Ratings
  • Available on: Amazon Mini TV

7.  Class(2023)

Class is an Indian Hindi-language crime drama thriller series that is an adaptation of the Spanish Series Elite. This series is based on the students of the Hamptons International School, Delhi. The story of this series starts with three working-class friends Dheeraj, Bali, and Saba. They have been admitted to the Hamptons on their merits as their previous school caught fire. Then they are trying to fit into the so-called class and the rich ones treat them like hell.

But gradually Bali is getting fitted in their class by some sort of messy things and Dheeraj falls in love with Suhani, Who has been killed later. But there is a twist Neeraj, the elder brother of Dheeraj has also felt for Suhani and they both are in a relationship. Will this relationship be accepted? To know more about what happened to them and The other characters you should watch this series. This series is on Netflix and till now it has only one season with 8 episodes each with a running time of 44-59 minutes.

  • 6.2/10 IMDb Ratings
  • 66% of Google users liked this series.
  • Available on: Netflix

6. Laakhon Mein EK Season 1(2017)

Laakhon Mein EK is an Indian drama series based on the life of a young assistant in the IIT entrance exam. This series has immense emotion for the young student who has been struggling. He is being ground between his dream and his parents’ dream. He wants to make mimicry videos but his parents want him to be an Engineer.

He secured 55% marks in the 10th board and didn’t get into any college in Raipur. His father sent him to a coaching institute in Visakhapatnam, and he tried to fit into that situation what he did there, which is discussed in the series. This series has a total of 6 episodes and this is present for free on Amazon Mini TV.

  • 7/10 IMDb Ratings
  • 94% of Google users liked this series.
  • Available on: Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Mini TV

5. Crushed(2022)

Crushed is a Romantic Drama series of 2022. As the name suggests the series is based on the newly built relationship between Aadhya and Sambidhan. This series has 2 seasons and a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is filled with emotions. The series shows the word Crush with different emotions and how that fits into a school environment. Aadhya is an average girl and that is how Sambidhan is. Jazz is a friend of Aadhya and she was so popular that They all called Aadhya a Jazz’z sidekick.

Raman was very famous and Sam was also his sidekick. Both sidekicks are now in a relationship and then one day Sam leaves the school with a new student Samarth he also friended with Aadhya in season 2. But Aadhya is not still over with Sam. This year they have also faced the inter-school championship. This series is filled with immense emotions of love, friendship, and heartbreak. This is available on Amazon Mini TV for free.

  • 8.1/10 IMDb Ratings
  • 45% of Google users liked this series.
  • Available on: Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Mini TV

4. Gutar Gu(2023)

Gutar Gu is a Teen Romance series that is based on two different kinds of personalities Ritu and Anuj. This is a series under Sikhya Entertainment. This story of two school students, who eventually fell in love is beautifully told. The story of Gutar Gu starts with Anuj, an average student and he has very strict parents. He joined a coaching center in his elevenths and there he met a new girl from Delhi, Ritu.

Anuj felt an attraction towards Ritu and he became a friend of her and then They came into a relationship. But Anuj’s mother got to know about it. They couldn’t meet further. The story does not end here. The merit list for college has been released and they have been selected in different colleges in different cities. If you like to watch teenage romance then you should watch it. This series has a total of 6 episodes and each episode is of 23-27 minutes.

  • 8.3/10 IMDb Ratings
  • 84% of Google users liked this series.
  • Available on: Amazon Mini TV

3. I’m Mature(2019)

I’m Mature is a 2019 Rom-com series that was created by The Viral Fever(TVF). If you are missing your school life’s ultimate fun then this is a series that is created for you. The story of Dhruv, Chavi, Kabir, and Susu is told in this series about how they are being mature in life. They are still in school but they all want to behave like they have become mature. Dhruv, Kabir, and Susu are three best friends.

Dhruv secretly has a crush on Chavi. They also dated for some time. But Chavi left the school. Then in the second season a new girl in the school named Chhaya. Will Dhruv get attracted to her? To know more you have to watch this series. The ultimate fun and the mischievous behaviors of friends have been portrayed well in this series. This series has a total of 2 seasons and a total of 10 episodes.

  • 8.6/10 IMDb Ratings
  • 56% of Google users liked this series.
  • Available on: Amazon Prime Videos, MX Player

2. Flames(2018)

Flames is a 2018 romance drama series that was produced by The Viral Fever(TVF). This is a series that based on two persons who eventually fall in love with each other and what are the difficulties they have to face. This series has a total of 3 seasons and a total of 15 episodes. Each has a running time of about 22-45 minutes.

The story is based on Rajat and Ishika, They both are in the eleventh and joined a common tuition. Rajat and Ishita dated each other. But as there is no happy ending in each story, many complications are raised in their story. They also faced each problem, If you want to know more then you must watch this series.

  • 8.9/10 IMDb Ratings
  • 67% of Google users liked this series.
  • Available on: Amazon Prime Videos, MX Player

1. Kota Factory(2019)

Indians are obsessed with Engineering. Every parent wants their child to get into the IITs. Like Vaibhav’s parents wanted. Kota Factory is a series that is based on the story of Vaibhav. This is a 2019 series that was a product of The Viral Fever(TVF). Vaibhav is a student who completed his tenth and was sent to Kota to prepare IIT JEE exam. There he met his friends Meena and Uday. Then he met Vartika and fell in love with her.

Jeetu Bhaiya, you all must know about him. Vaibhav met him and he became his mentor. As a student, he has to face a lot of problems. This is a must-watch series, It created hype when it was released. This series is filled with emotions. This series has 2 seasons and a total of 10 episodes, each having a running time of 30-58 minutes. This series created a revolution and the black and white picturization is a revolution.

  • 9/10 IMDb Ratings
  • 97% of Google users liked this series.
  • Available on: Netflix, YouTube(season 1)

Web Series Based on School Life

Each of these series has the potential you get a nostalgic vibe of school time. You should watch each and every series that is mentioned in this post. We bet you will enjoy it a lot. If you haven’t watched any of these then go and watch it. If you want to go on a trip to your school life, or if you want to see a series of different genres then watch the above-mentioned series. We will bring more posts like this so stay tuned with us.

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