Revenant (2023) K drama Cast, Review, Episodes, Story, Release date, And Where to Watch

Revenant is a Korean TV show also known as K-drama. K-dramas are always filled with great stories, memorable characters, and fantastic acting. People from all over the world love watching K-dramas because they are exciting. In the year 2023, we experienced such excitement in the form of a K-drama, whose name is Revenant.

This show is really a great show if you want to know how then you can read below. And the most important question is, Why will you listen to me? The answer is I have been making movies, web series, anime, and K-dramas review videos on YouTube for two years or maybe more in my regional language. I think I have clear knowledge about this, So I can guide you well. So in this post, we will discuss Revenant (2023) K drama Cast, Review, Episodes, Story, Release date, and Where to Watch.


Revenant K-drama

Revenant is a South Korean TV show that was released and made in South Korea in the year 2023. It’s a mystery-thriller K-drama created by Kim Eun-hee and Lee Jung-rim. The show is directed by Lee Jung-rim and Kim Jae-hong. It stars Kim Tae-ri, Oh Jung-se, Hong Kyung, Yang Hye-ji, Kim Shin-bi, and Jin Seon-kyu. You could catch it on SBS from June 23 to July 29, 2023, airing on Fridays and Saturdays at 10:00 PM Korean Standard Time.

Revenant Casts

The star cast can ruin any show and make any show look good. The actors in a K-drama play a huge part in making it awesome. And guess what? “Revenant” has an amazing group of actors who are going to make their roles super real and interesting. Here are some important cast names with their character name:

  • Kim Tae-ri as Gu San-yeong
  • Hong Kyung as Lee Hong-sae
  • Oh Jung-se as Yeom Hae-sang
  • Yang Hye-ji as Baek Se-mi
  • Jin Seon-kyu as Gu Kang-mo
  • Shim Dal-gi as Lee Hyang-yi
  • Kim Shin-bi as Kim Woo-jin
  • Choi Gwi-hwa as Cheon Il-man
  • Lee Ji-won as Yoon-jeong
  • Oh Yeon-ah as Choi Man-wol

There are many more actors in this show but the above characters are very important.

Revenant Story

The story of Revenant is based on the novel “Revenant.” In this story, there is a university student named Ku San-young. But here is the twist: she has got a troublesome evil spirit tagging along with her. At first, San-young doesn’t even know she’s possessed. She starts having weird and scary stuff happen to her, like having nightmares with a demon chasing her and spotting ghosts. Her life goes haywire, and she even gets kicked out of college.

Just when things seem hopeless, she meets Yeom Hae-sang, who is like a pro at dealing with ghosts and stuff. Right away, Hae-sang figures out that San-young’s got an unwanted spirit hitchhiker. Now, they team up to investigate this creepy spirit. Turns out, this spirit is super strong and super old. And there’s this mysterious person named Lee Jang-yeon who’s mixed up in all of this. Hae-sang and San-young don’t have much time. They need to kick this evil spirit out pronto.

Revenant Review

If we are talking about the review of Revenant then the TV show “Revenant” is really good. It keeps you excited. The actors are awesome, especially Kim Tae-ri and Oh Jung-se. The show also looks amazing with excellent pictures and effects. But, there are some problems. It’s not for kids because it can be scary for them. Also, it could have been a bit shorter, and sometimes it goes slowly. If you like spooky stories, “Revenant” is a good show to watch. Just remember, it’s pretty dark and can be scary.

Spoiler Alert (Read at your Risk):

This show is usually a fantastic drama with a story that captivates and gives you a shiver in some of the scary and breathtaking scenes. This one is a gem for someone who loves horror, thrillers, suspense, and mystery dramas. There were also some surprising scary moments, and they felt genuinely real, not fake. This series is, without a doubt, my favorite horror drama because everything was done perfectly and without excess. Now, let’s talk about what made me watch it. The first thing that caught my eye was the drama poster, which had a slightly eerie-looking girl on it.


  • 8/10 IMDb ratings
  • 8.7/10 MyDramaList
  • 96% of Google users like this TV show

Revenant Episodes

“Revenant” has 12 episodes, which is like what most K-dramas usually have. This way, they can tell the story at a comfortable pace, giving the plot and characters enough time to develop. The show will likely follow the usual K-drama style, where each episode leaves you eagerly waiting for the next one. You can expect a blend of exciting moments that leave you hanging, heartwarming scenes, and surprising twists that keep you interested right from the start. I know if you are a horror story lover like me then you are going to enjoy this one like I did.

It has 1 season and in this season Revenant has 12 episodes:

  1. Episode 1: The Demon Awakens
  2. Episode 2: The Mirror of Truth
  3. Episode 3: The Cursed Object
  4. Episode 4: The Shaman’s Rite
  5. Episode 5: The Forbidden Knowledge
  6. Episode 6: The Price of Salvation
  7. Episode 7: The Devil’s Bargain
  8. Episode 8: The Gates of Hell
  9. Episode 9: The Final Showdown
  10. Episode 10: The Devil’s Whisper
  11. Episode 11: The Power of Love
  12. Episode 12: The Light of Hope

The length of each episodes is 50-70 mins.

Revenant Release Date

The release date is the most important date for every show. On 23 June 2023, “Revenant” started showing on SBS. It was telecasted on Fridays and Saturdays at 10:00 p.m. as per Korean Standard Time. On July 29, 2023, they showed the last episode. You could also watch it on Disney+. This show was super popular in 2023, Everyone loved it, and it did really well both in reviews and making money. People praised it for having an awesome story, cool characters, and being made with top-quality stuff.

Where to Watch Revenant

In today’s digital age, it’s super easy to watch K-dramas. If you’re anywhere in the world, you can catch “Revenant” on many streaming services with subtitles. In South Korea, you can watch it on SBS’s website or app. Plus, in some countries, you can even find it on Disney+.

  • This show is available on Disney+.

Revenant Hindi Dubbed

If we talk about the Hindi dubbed of The Revenant K-drama, then this K-drama has not been dubbed in Hindi yet, maybe in the future you can see it in Hindi but till now not any update has been received about it, You can watch this K-Drama in these two languages, Korean and English, go and watch it.

  • Revenant K Drama is not available in Hindi dubbed, You can watch it in Korean and English language.

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If you’re a fan of this kind of show, you’re in for a treat with “Revenant.” It’s a well-made supernatural thriller with really interesting characters and a cool story. The actors are fantastic, and Kim Tae-ri and Oh Jung-se have amazing chemistry on screen. So, if you’re into tense supernatural thrillers with great characters and a gripping plot, “Revenant” is definitely worth a watch.

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