Malli Raava (2017) Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed, Ott, Cast, Release Date, Review, Story, Box Office Collection

Malli Raava is a 2017 Telugu romantic comedy-drama movie written and directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri. This is a love story that can make us feel like All these things that are shown in the movie are happening in our real life. This is one of the reasons why this movie is so lovely. “Malli Raava” is a unique movie that millions of people love.

 Why will you listen to me? The answer is I have been making movies, web series, anime, and K-dramas review videos on YouTube for two years or maybe more in my regional language. I think I have clear knowledge about this, So I can guide you well. So in this article, we will talk about Malli Raava Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed, Ott, Cast, Release Date, Review, Story, Box Office Collection, And Also how can you watch this movie in Hindi.

Malli Raava

Malli Raava Cast

The star cast of any movie is very important for any movie. Let’s talk about this movie, it has a great group of actors who make the characters look realistic. Sumanth and Aakanksha Singh are the main actors, and they act really well, which might make you cry. They seem to get along well on screen, and that makes the story more interesting.

Detailed view of the cast with their character names:

  • Sumanth – Karthik
  • Aakanksha Singh – Anjali
  • Abhinav Gomatam – Subbu / Dumbo
  • Annapoorna – Subbu / Dumbo’s grandmother
  • Preethi Asrani – Young Anjali
  • Sathwik Varma – Young Karthik
  • Karthik Adusumalli – Murali
  • Anithanath – Sushma, Anjali’s mother
  • Appaji Ambarisha Darbha-Mohan, Anjali’s father
  • Mirchi Kiran – Manager Sowmitri
  • Lahari Shari – Samyuktha, Subbu / Dumbo’s Wife
  • Kadambari Kiran – Social Studies Teacher

Malli Raava Release date

If you want to know everything about Malli Rava, then you should also know when this movie was released. On December 8, 2017, the movie “Malli Raava” was released in India. People who love this type of movie were really excited about it. When it was finally released, it made them happy because it was a good movie, and also till now, it is a very heart-touching movie.

  • Malli Raava was released on 8 December 2017 in India.

Malli Raava Ratings

The rating of any movie matters a lot for that movie. Many audiences watch the movie only after seeing the ratings of the movie. Malli Raava got good ratings from experts. The critics agreed that Malli Raava is a lovely and emotional love story that will make people feel touched. The music in the film also got compliments from experts. The Times of India said it’s a beautiful and heartfelt album that you’ll remember even after the movie ends. This movie also got many other ratings like:

  • 82% from Rotten Tomattoes
  • 3/5 from times of India
  • 2/5 from GreatAndhra
  • 3/5 from IndiaGlitz
  • 96% of Google users like this film
  • 7.8/10 IMDb ratings

 Malli Raava Story

If we are talking about the story of Malli Raava then, Karthik and Anjali are the main characters of this movie. They were best friends when they were just in their teenage, and they loved each other. But their families did not allow them to live together. Anjali had to leave her school and the village because her family moved away.

So, they had to go in different directions and it seemed like they couldn’t be together. After a long time, they unexpectedly met each other again when they were grown up. They still loved each other, But no one was able to tell anyone. And what they both do, what happens to them next, and many other things that you will get to see in this movie.

Malli Raava Review

I have seen this movie very deeply, so I can review this movie very well. It was kind of emotional and with a nice story being told. The actors did a fantastic job, especially Akanksha and Sumanth. The music is heartwarming, and the whole movie feels good. In my view, this movie is one of Sumanth Carrier’s good movies. It has a strong storyteller and great production. The background music adds a nice touch now and then.

Sumanth and Aakanksha, the lead actors, had fantastic eye contact. Aakanksha did her role really well. The supporting cast also did an excellent job. I’ve watched this movie almost 2 times. The first time I watched this movie in the Telegu language then I saw this movie in Hindi dubbed. If you’ve ever felt true love, this film will remind you of that feeling. There are no boring parts, and you’ll be engaged throughout. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy it.

Malli Raava Trailer

Let’s talk about the trailer of Malli Raava movie. Its trailer shows you a sneak peek of how beautiful the movie will look. The story takes place in a really pretty setting, thanks to the fantastic camera work and lovely scenery. This trailer gets you excited for a great movie experience. It was released on November 30, 2017. You can also see hints of the stunning visuals and how well they handle the story in the teaser.

Plus, you’ll notice that Sumanth and Aakanksha are doing a great job in their roles. If you have not seen this movie yet, then now you can see the trailer and find out whether you should watch this movie or not? If you want to see the trailer, then you will get the trailer on YouTube, otherwise, you can see it by clicking on the click here button below.

  • Malli Raava movie trailer was released on 30 November 2017.
Watch Malli Raava Trailer on YouTube

Malli Raava Songs

The songs of any movie are the emotions of that movie and you can say that songs are the life of any movie. Shravan Bharadwaj made the music for Malli Raava. There are six songs in the album, and people really like them. The songs are:

  1. Malli Raava
  2. Chinuku
  3. Welcome Back To Love
  4. Ennadu
  5. Adugasale

Malli Raava Box Office Collection

Many audiences in this world find out how much that movie has earned at the box office before watching the movie. Then these people will think about whether to watch the movie or not. If we are talking about this movie, it made much more money and people loved it a lot. People of all ages talk about it on social media. The movie “Malli Raava” showed that a good love story can still make people like it. It made a lot of money at the theaters, over 25 crore rupees or 3.2 million USD.

  • Malli Raava movie box office collection is 25 crore rupees in India.

Malli Raava Makers

Movie makers have the biggest hand in making any movie. Even if the movie goes well, the movie makers get credit, even if the movie goes bad, the movie makers will get credit accordingly. And if we talk about the makers of this movie, then here are the team:

  • Producer: Rahul Yadav Nakka
  • Director: Gowtam Tinnanuri
  • Music Director: Shravan Bharadwaj
  • Cinematographer: Sukumar Pasupuleti
  • Editor: Marthand K. Venkatesh
  • Art Director: Suresh Selvarajan
  • Costume Designer: Poorna Chandra
  • Makeup: Suresh
  • Stunts: Ram-Lakshman

Malli Raava Ott

If you want to watch Malli Raava movie, then you will not get this movie in theaters right now. Because this movie was released in 2017. If you want to watch this movie online, then you can buy a CD or DVD, otherwise, you can watch this movie on an OTT platform. Here are some OTT platforms on which this movie is available:

  • In Telegu Language:
  1. Sun NXT
  2. MX Player

“Malli Raava” is a special movie among many movies with the category like school heart touching love story. It reminds us how love and fate are important in everyone’s lives. You should definitely watch it because it has well-known actors, a good story, and lovely music. The sweet love story in Malli Raava will make you feel warm from the inside and who knows that you might feel connected to the storyline. The movie is made nicely, the actors are good, and the pictures look really nice. If you like romantic stories and want to watch a really good romantic movie then you should definitely watch Malli Raava.

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