Leo Box Office Collection and Budget (2023) Movie: Surprising Facts and Figures

Let’s know all the details of the Leo Box Office collection. Thalapathy Vijay is the leading actor in the exciting action movie Leo, which was released in 2023. A talented director Lokesh Kanagaraj made the film. When Leo first showed in theaters on October 19, 2023, it made more money than any other Tamil movie. Movies make lots of money, and they’re also a fun way to have a good time. If you know how much a movie costs to make and how much money it earned, you can figure out if it did well and how the movie industry is doing overall. “Leo (2023) Movie” is just like the others.

PlacesBox Office Collection (In Crores)
India311 Cr
Overseas343.7 Cr
To know briefly about day-wise box office collection read below.
Leo Box office collection

Leo Story

In a cool cafe, there’s a friendly guy named Parthiban who loves animals. But suddenly, a gang wants to catch him, thinking he might be their long-lost son Leo. To protect his family, Parthiban must run away and use all his talents. Along the way, he discovers a dark secret about his past. This interesting and entertaining action-packed story is one of the main factors in the Leo Box Office collection. “Leo (2023)” is a powerful story about finding out who you are, fixing your mistakes, and the importance of family.

If you want to watch Leo (2023) movie trailer:

Watch Leo (2023) movie trailer

Leo Casts

  • Vijay as Parthiban “Parthi” / Leo Das
  • Sanjay Dutt as Antony Das
  • Arjun as Harold Das
  • Trisha as Sathya
  • Gautham Vasudev Menon as Joshy Andrews
  • George Maryan as Napoleon
  • Mysskin as Shanmugam
  • Madonna Sebastian as Elisa Das
  • Mansoor Ali Khan as Hridayaraj D’Souza
  • Priya Anand as Priya Andrews
  • Mathew Thomas as Siddharth “Siddhu” Iyal
  • Antony as Antony’s henchman

Leo Budget

Leo (2023) is a Tamil movie that cost a lot to create. It’s said to have taken about ₹250 crore to make. The reason it was so expensive is because it has really exciting action scenes, a famous actor like Thalapathy Vijay, and a lot of fancy stuff in it that all added up to make it cost a ton of money. If the budget of this movie is this much then the Leo Box Office collection is bound to be good.

Leo Box Office Collection

Here is your final destination where you can know every detail amount of the Leo Box Office collection. Several things really helped the movie make a lot of money. The interesting story, people telling their friends it was good, and the ads that worked well were some of the big reasons. Also, when people said nice things about the movie in their reviews, it did even better.

Day 164.80 Cr77.20 Cr142 Cr
Day 242.50 Cr43 Cr85.50 Cr
Day 338.30 Cr47 Cr85.30 Cr
Day 439.80 Cr51.25 Cr91.05 Cr
Day 534.10 Cr43.25 Cr77.35 Cr
Day 630.70 Cr38 Cr68.70 Cr
Day 713.40 Cr15.50 Cr28.90 Cr
Day 88.90 Cr12.50 Cr21.40 Cr
Day 97 Cr11 Cr18 Cr
Day 107.65 Cr18 Cr25.65 cr
Day 1115 Cr20.50 Cr35.50 Cr
Day 124.45 Cr7.50 Cr11.95 Cr
Day 134 Cr7 Cr11 Cr
Total311 Cr343.7 Cr537 Cr

Reasons for Leo’s Success

The movie “Leo (2023)” has become a big hit at the box office for a few important reasons. If the Leo Box Office collection is a success then these are some good reasons:

  • First, it has the famous Tamil actor Thalapathy Vijay in it.
  • Second, it’s directed by the well-known filmmaker Lokesh Kanagaraj, who’s known for making cool and exciting movies.
  • Third, the movie also has talented people like Sanjay Dutt, Anirudh Ravichander, and Trisha Krishnan working in it.
  • Lastly, the movie has been getting a lot of attention because of its strong marketing and promotion.

Leo (2023) is a super special movie in Tamil cinema, and the Leo Box Office collection is pretty impressive. It’s one of the most expensive and highest-earning Tamil films ever made. The film did great because Thalapathy Vijay is a big star and lots of people love Tamil movies. Leo (2023) will surely be remembered for a long time in the Tamil film world, and it’ll inspire other directors to make really good, big-budget films.

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