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Duty After School is a K-Drama that will blow your mind. I think you all must have seen All of Us Are Dead, if you have then this K-drama is like that and you will like it very much. The series showcased some fictional alien creature attacks on our planet. If you are a K-Drama fan then you should not miss out on this show. Have you ever thought that if some alien creature started attacking our planet?

Have you ever imagined that you have to join the Army while you are in your school? All this happened in this amazing series Duty After School. To learn more about this show stay with me till the end of this post and we will discuss the Duty After School Release Date, Trailer, Casts, Story, Review, Episodes, Budget, and Availability in this post.

Duty After School

Duty After School

Duty After School is a South Korean TV series popularly known as K-Drama that is packed with action, thriller, and Science fiction. This show is based on a very popular web animated series named “Duty After School” which was published on Naver. It was released in 2023 and gained popularity. This show was created by Lee Nam-kyu and written by Yoon Soo. The sci-fi series is beautifully directed by Seong Young-il. This story is filled with twists and turns.

The series is based on the story of school students who are trained to fight against some unknown alien creatures. The creatures are in large numbers that the Army can’t fight with them alone. This series justifies the original story and it will terrify your emotions with the action, twists, and sacrifices.

Duty After School Star Cast

Duty After School has showcased the story of high school students. So there are a lot of actors involved in this series. The actors have done their job amazingly. So here is a list of some cast from this show.

  • Shin Hyun-soo as Lee Chun-ho
  • Lee Soon-won as Kim Won-bin
  • Im Se-mi as Park Eun-young
  • Kwon Eun-bin as Yeon Bo-ra
  • Kim Ki-hae as Kim Chi-yeol
  • Kim Min-Chul as Do Soo-cheol
  • Kim So-hee as Lee Soon-yi
  • Kim Su-gyeom as Kwon Il-ha
  • Moon Sang-min as Wang Tae-man
  • Shin Myung-sung as Im Woo-taek

There are a lot of cast in the series. It is difficult to mention all of them. But here are some important casts.

Duty After School Release Date

Duty After School’s first part started streaming on TVING on 31st March 2023. It has 6 episodes and then after 20 days, the second part started streaming on 21st April 2023.

  • Duty After School Released on 31 March 2023.

Duty After School Story

    This series is based on some unknown alien creatures that are coming to South Korea by big round purple balls and they target the humans and are sensible to sound. The army is trying to save the people but they are losing their forces. So the Korean Government decided to specialize the school students and train them to fight against them. The creatures can only killed by Uranium guns so Some Army officers were given charge of training the students to use those Uranium Guns. 

    The show focuses on the senior students at Seongjin High School who were being trained under Lee Chun-ho. Initially, the students were not interested in training because they had to work hard for it and mobile phones were also not allowed in the school. But they got to know about the truth as someone has kept the mobile phone secretly. One day they are roaming on the campus and they are near a giant purple ball The ball turns into a huge creature and eats the topper of that class and it was kept secret but it got spread eventually.

    One day a group of students went to the city and everything was devastated and they as no clue about the danger they were going to face. Suddenly those creatures started attacking them but they survived and lost Their teacher Im Se-mi and some soldiers too. After they returned to the school they told their parents are in the safe camp but what happened earlier they didn’t believe them and spread the rumor and every student started to run away from school. Suddenly a giant ball landed there and it killed a lot of students and officers.

    Lee Chun-ho has the order to go to the safe camp with the remaining students and when they are going one truck reaches the camp but another is left behind as the driver was attacked by the creature and that group of students is able to find a house and survived but they are not out of danger. They tried and Lee Chun-ho with the other group reached there and saved them. They all returned to the camp and went to the city to finish all the creatures and fight them with their guns. They found other students and officers there and brought them to the safe camp. The students have formed a particular binding with their leader.

    The Story comes to an end when they are able to collect all the creatures in a building and fit bombs into all the buildings. But there is a twist everyone left the building except Lee Chun-ho and the emotion of the students and the dense moment make this show special. Then they had to destroy the building and they did that too. But they lost their leader. The world is now in a safe zone.

Duty After School Review

Duty After School is a very good action thriller, and Science Fiction series, that you should not miss out on. After it was released it has gained popularity. The show has beautifully channeled the emotions of the school students. The special bond between the Group of Students and their lead has created a magic moment. The actors have done a great job.

The production is done in a clarified manner. The show has a powerful storyline and the power is showcased well in this series. The show is filled with emotion, sacrifice, and action. You should not miss this show. If you are a Sci-fi lover and a K-Drama lover too then you have to watch it.

Duty After School Episodes

Duty after school was streamed in 2 parts the first part contains 6 Episodes and the second part contains only 4 Episodes. So there is a total of 10 Episodes that got aired of Duty After School. Each episode is almost 60-80 minutes long.

  1. Duty After School Part 1: 6 Episodes
  2. Duty After School Part 2: 4 Episodes
  • Total 10 Episodes and each Episode is 60-80 minutes long.

Duty After School Trailer 

Originally, Duty After School was aired on TVING and the trailer of this show has beautifully told the story. The trailer portrayed the storyline with a glimpse of the show. You can find the trailer on the YouTube channel of Viki Global TV and Viu.

  • The Trailer of Duty After School was Released on 21 March 2023.
Watch The Trailer of Duty After School

Duty After School Budget

Duty After School has 10 episodes and each episode has some special effects. The huge star cast with the fictional stuff costs a lot. This series is made with a budget of 10 Billion Won which is approximately 7.8 million USD. All the elements of the show are great and cost at the high end.

  • Duty After School is made with a Budget of 64,88,85,900 Rupees.

Duty After School Hindi Dubbed

If you want to watch this K-drama in Hindi, its Hindi dubbed is not available yet. If it will be available sometime in the future, I will let you know, but if you want to watch this K-drama now, then you can watch its Hindi explanation video, I am giving its link below.

Where to Watch Duty After School

Duty After School was originally aired on TVING from 31 March to 21 April. But don’t worry you have not missed this show. Now you can watch the show in Viu or Viki with English Subtitles but in some special regions.

  • Duty After School is available in Viki and Viu.

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    If You are a K-Drama fan and love to watch series and have a different taste then you can watch this show. If you watched All of Us Are Dead and if you liked that one then you will like it too. It has the raw emotions of High School students and their fight with their inner selves just to serve their country and save the country. It is a must-watch show and I am sure that you will like it too.

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